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Improvement in function
(Oxford Knee Score)


Improvement in pain


Regained confidence to walk regularly each day

These results are from our knee arthritis clinic: JointFit

Chronic MSK conditions require personalised care pathways.

Built by health professionals

A team of MSK experts with deep expertise delivering healthcare and understanding the complex stakeholder management.  

Unique patient journeys

No matter where the patient is on their healthcare journey, pathways are monitored and tailored for every individual.

It's more than an app

Behaviour change takes time, and patients need to be held accountable. That's why we've designed a hybrid healthcare clinic.

How it works

Chronic conditions need personalised care pathways.

Personalised pathways: Whether avoiding or recovering from surgery, pathways are unique to every patient.

Virtual health coaching: No commutes or waiting rooms. Only passionate, engaged health coaches.

Real-time insights: Patient progress and outcomes are reported to coaches and clinicians to uphold accountability.

Taking the pain away for providers, payers and patients.

Problems for Providers

Workloads: Repetitive workloads, long hours and high patient volumes contribute clinician burnout. Let alone, limited appointment durations.

Processes: Standard, non-adaptive review processes waste time with patients doing well. They may also miss patients falling outside clinical norms.

Problems for Payers

Costs: The cost of delivering best-practice care has only increased over time. This puts pressure on the system, resulting in lower patient engagement.

Reactive: Healthcare systems remain reactive. It's easier to see a surgeon for joint replacement, than an effective non-operative program.

Problems for Patients

Accessibility: Metro services are not streamlined and travel times in regional areas can be prohibitive. Limited support can make it difficult for patients to adhere to prescribed treatment plans.

Costs: High costs in health insurance and out of pocket expenses lead to delayed or foregone care.

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Improve joint health whether living with osteoarthritis or preparing for surgery.


Real experiences, real results. Read what patients have to say.

“I loved the at-home appointments, which just made it so convenient. With the encouragement of our physiotherapist, I’m optimistic I can achieve the goal of maintaining a reasonable degree of mobility of my arthritic knees and avoid replacement surgery.”

Louis, Patient

“The program has been a great asset to be able to strengthen the supporting muscles around my knees affected by osteoarthritis. Flexibility of time to do the daily routines when suitable is a plus and also being in your own home without travelling for an appointment.”

Robin, Patient

“It was the perfect option to get some specific physio exercises to begin to strengthen my knee even whilst going away on holiday. My health coach has been very thorough and caring.”

Maryanne, Patient

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Shift from reactive treatment to proactive, hybrid healthcare.